How To Start Your Own Organic Garden

Organic gardening is also cheap for the most part. Here are some strategies to aid you to become a good organic gardener.

Having healthy soil in your garden is your plants avoid insect pests. Healthy plants with more strength to deflect those insects and disease. To give your garden the best chance of yielding the healthiest plants, make sure you begin with premium soil devoid of salt-accumulating chemicals.

Use annuals and biennials to brighten your flower beds. You can fill any spaces between shrubs or perennials. Some flowers you can use are rudbekia, hollyhock, cosmos, marigolds, or sunflowers.

Plants require a good amount of CO2 in order to grow to their maximum growth. Plants are more likely to thrive in environments where high levels of CO2. The best way to get a high level of carbon dioxide (CO2) is to use a greenhouse.

Stink Bugs

When horticulture, be watchful of stink bugs, especially during Autumn. Stink bugs enjoy gardens, peppers, tomatoes, as well as many fruits. If left uncontrolled, the damage can be excessive, so you should do whatever you can to eliminate them.

You can also repel your pet by planting rosemary or mothballs.

A quality garden must be grown from the seeds and not from the plants. The most “green” way to create a new garden is to start with seeds. The plastics used in nurseries are rarely recycled and ends up in landfills, that is why it is advised to use seeds or purchase from nurseries that make use of organic materials when packaging their plants.

Place organic mulch as close to your tall vegetable plants. The mulch will help keeps the dirt around the plants more moist. It will also keeps weeds from popping up around your plants. You’ll find this is a ton of time saver since you won’t have to pull out weeds.

Once you start to actually apply what you learned from this article you can start growing a prosperous and healthy organic garden in your own back yard for the future. You might actually notice more wildlife in and around your garden due to your natural horticulture methods.