Top Furniture Trends of 2020


2020 is fast approaching which means that there are new design trends on the horizon! A new year means a fresh start not just for burning off all of those holiday calories, but it’s also the perfect time to revamp your home. If you’re trying to figure out what to do with your home next year, here are a few trends that Collected Interior Design firm believes will make their way into consumer homes within the next year.

As we close out a decade marked by interior design trends ranging from midcentury to Memphis-inspired, we’ve got our eyes set on what 2020 has in store. Curves are having a moment—whether we’re talking about patterns made with free-form shapes, furniture, or doorways—and natural materials (like wood, textiles, and cane)are showing up all over the home in modern ways. Read on to see our predictions for the year ahead, and tell us what you’re loving (or loathing) in the comments.

If you like your home to be the latest fashion craze, in today’s book we will see decoration trends 2020, through the designs of  our professionals , which we are sure will fill you with inspiration.

1. Trends of decoration 2020: division of environments with natural materials

2. Trends to decorate your house in 2020: more intimate and welcoming environments

3. These colors are trends in interior decoration in 2020

4. What are the materials that will be used in 2020?

  • Dark wood is a trend in decoration 2020
  • Material trends in the decoration of 2020: vegetable fibers
  • Leather, another of the materials that are expected for 2020 in interior decoration
  • Material trends in the decoration of 2020: metals
  • Metal and metal colors as material to decorate houses in 2020

5. How to decorate the walls of the house in 2020?

  • Tropical prints on the walls (and textiles) for this 2020
  • Pictures to decorate the walls of all the rooms of the home

6. Have an indoor garden in 2020! – Strong trend and to stay

7. Decorating trends 2020: accessories

  • Combination of colors, textures and cultures

8. What is the trend in kitchens 2020? Decoration trends 2020: kitchens in black

  • Trends to decorate your kitchen in 2020

9. Decoration trends 2020 for bedrooms: upholstered headboards

10. Decorating trends 2020: naturalness, brightness and charm!